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What is Harvestr?

Discover how Harvestr works and how it can help you build successful products.

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Harvestr is the all-in-one product management platform where impact-driven teams across the organization collaborate to build successful products. The platform centralizes customer insights and product discovery work to guide product teams to make the right roadmap decisions.

What can I do with Harvestr?

  • Centralize user feedback and data: easily gather and store user feedback and user data from all channels (emails, support tools, CRMs, user interviews...)   

  • Understand user needs: uncover valuable insights from what users tell you and identify the most promising improvement opportunities

  • Prioritize opportunities: contextualize and inform product decisions with qualitative and quantitative data, to focus on the right problems at the right time 

  • Build engaging product roadmaps: build and communicate roadmaps that align stakeholders on your vision

  • Streamline product communication: close the feedback loop with teammates and customers to drive engagement and retention

Who is Harvestr for?

We are designing Harvestr to fit the needs of user-centric product teams and more specifically for:

  • Product Managers looking for insights and strong arguments to prioritize what needs to be built next

  • Product Owners who need context to define product requirements and document user stories

  • User Researchers who want to dive into the richness of user feedback in order to develop a strong knowledge of their personas 

  • Developers who care about user needs and need context to better understand user stories and build the right features 

  • Customer facing teams who gather product feedback from customers and who need visibility on the product roadmap

Want to learn more? Check out Getting started with Harvestr.

Any questions? We are here to help :)

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