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The Harvestr feedback widget
The Harvestr feedback widget

Install Harvestr's Feedback Widget to gather user feedback and update them on its status automatically.

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What is the Harvestr feedback widget?

The Harvestr Feedback Widget allows you to gather structured feedback directly from your users. This guide will walk you through the steps to seamlessly integrate the Harvestr Feedback Widget into your product, website or mobile application.

The first step is to access the widget settings within the Harvestr platform. This is where you'll configure various aspects of the widget, such as appearance, functionality, and feedback question templates.

Installation Options

Basic JavaScript Installation

For a quick and straightforward setup, the basic JavaScript implementation is ideal. This method is perfect for website integrations, requiring minimal coding expertise.

SDK Integration

For more advanced scenarios, including mobile app integrations, the SDK option is recommended. This approach offers a robust solution for complex use cases, granting greater flexibility and customization options.

Configuring the Widget

Choosing Content and Styles

  • Action and Background Colors: Personalize the widget by selecting colors that align with your brand's aesthetic.

  • Open Style: Decide how the widget appears to users. Opt for a 'Menu' style to display it on the sides or a 'Modal' style for a central pop-up.

  • Launcher Styles: Tailor the widget's entry point by selecting from:

    • Floating circle

    • Side vignette with text

    • Side vignette without text

  • Launcher Text: For side vignettes with text, customize the text to guide users effectively.

  • Launching position: Chose between right or left alignment and adjust the vertical and horizontal spacing to ensure it integrates seamlessly with your layout.

Installation Process

After configuring the type, content, and style of the widget, installation is straightforward. Simply copy the provided code snippet and paste it before the </body> tag on every page where you want the widget to appear.

The SDK script extends the widget's capabilities, including:

  • Triggering the widget from specific parts of your app, like a button click

  • Integrating the widget into mobile applications

  • etc.

Defining Feedback Templates

Feedback templates in the Harvestr Feedback Widget play a crucial role in structuring and guiding the feedback collection process.

Once the template is customized, it's integrated into the feedback widget without any further action.

Here's an elaboration on how these templates work and can be customized.

Mandatory First Question and Feedback Title

The first question in the template is mandatory and serves as the title of the feedback. This helps in quickly identifying the main focus or topic of the feedback.

Example: A typical first question could be "What is the main issue you're experiencing?" or "What feature would you like to see improved?"

Customizable Subsequent Questions

Tailor additional questions to suit your specific feedback goals, by chosing among 4 question types:

  • Input: For short, direct answers.

  • Textarea: For longer, more descriptive feedback.

  • Single Select: To allow users to choose one option from a list.

  • Multi Select: To allow users to choose multiple options.

Single and multi-select answers will be attached to the feedback as labels in Harvestr. If the label already exists when feedback is created from the widget, we won't create a new label.


  • Clarity and Brevity: Questions should be clear and concise to encourage user participation.

  • Relevance: Ensure that the questions are relevant to the users' experience and the insights you wish to gather.

Example Template Structure

  1. Mandatory Title Question: "What feature do you need help with?"

  2. Follow-up Question: "Please describe the issue you're facing." (Textarea)

  3. Rating Question: "How would you rate your overall experience?" (Single Select: Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent)

  4. Additional Feedback: "Any other suggestions for improvement?" (Textarea)

The Harvestr Feedback Widget for Your End Users

Here's how you end users will interact with your feedback widget.

Submit Feedback

The Harvestr Feedback Widget empowers end users to easily submit feedback directly within your product. Users can fill out a structured template and click 'Submit' to voice their concerns or suggestions.

To maintain the integrity of the feedback and prevent spam, we request their email for identification. First-time users will receive a one-time password via email to verify their identity, ensuring a secure and trustworthy process.

For subsequent feedback submissions using the same browser, users will be recognized automatically. This feature streamlines the process, making it more user-friendly and efficient.

Follow Feedback Status

Once feedback is submitted, users can actively track its progress through the 'Follow' tab in the widget. Here, they can view all the feedback they have submitted and monitor its current status, which falls into one of three categories: 'Read', 'Prioritized', or 'Shipped'.

  • Read: This status indicates that the feedback has been received and reviewed in Harvestr.

  • Prioritized: Feedback marked as 'Prioritized' signifies that it has been linked to a Discovery and is being considered for action.

  • Shipped: When feedback reaches the 'Shipped' status, it means that the linked Discovery was put to a completed-type state.

This tracking feature not only keeps users informed but also fosters a sense of involvement and appreciation for their input, enhancing their overall experience with your product.

Integrating the Harvestr Feedback Widget into your product is a strategic move towards building user-centric products. By following these steps, you can not only gather invaluable user feedback but also create a channel for ongoing engagement and improvement. Start harnessing the power of user insights today with Harvestr.

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