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How to export Discoveries to a CSV/Excel file

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n this article, you will learn how to easily export your Discoveries from your product section inbox as a CSV or Excel file.

Launching a Discoveries export

Only Editors can launch a Discoveries export.

To launch Discoveries export, go to one or you Discoveries views and open the 3 dots menu next to the View button.

Clicking on Export view as CSV or Xlsx will automatically launch the export and download it on your computer.

Only the Discoveries and the fields displayed in your current view will be exported, apart from a few standard fields that will always be export: Discovery ID and Discovery parent ID.

If you launch the export while having an active filter in the current view, the filtered Discoveries will not be exported.

Exported Discoveries data

Your Discoveries will be exported as a CSV or Excel file that contains the values for each Discovery field that is displayed in the current view, and two standard fields that are always exported:

  • the Discovery id: the unique identifier of each Discovery, that can also be found at the end of their urls

  • the parent Discovery id: when a Discovery has sub-discoveries, its sub-discoveries will have the id of the parent Discovery in the parent Discovery id column

Data that cannot be exported with the list of Discoveries:

  • Descriptions

  • Comments

  • Activities

  • Linked feedback

  • Linked customers

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