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Owners, Editors and Contributors
Owners, Editors and Contributors

How to manage editor and contributor seat types

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Owners, editors, and contributors can be managed from the settings dedicated to Teammates.

What is an editor?

An editor is a member of your Harvestr workspace with unlimited creation, edition, and administration rights. They are usually people who are responsible for managing customer feedback and building the product roadmap (Product Managers, Product Owners, Customer Feedback Managers, etc.).

What is an owner?

By default, the owner of a Harvestr workspace is the first editor who created the workspace. The owner does not have more rights than editors, apart from the right to transfer ownership to someone else.

The owner can transfer the ownership to another editor by clicking on "Edit" next to this teammate's name.

What is a contributor?

A contributor is a member of your Harvestr project with limited rights. By default, contributors can view all your project’s data but they can only perform certain actions:

  • create feedback from the inbox

  • categorize the feedback they created in Harvestr or the feedback they submitted through one of our integrations

  • add comments to feedback messages, discoveries and projects.

Contributor seats are free and limited to 10 contributors for the Launch plan, 50 contributors for the Scale plan, and unlimited contributors for the Elite and Enterprise plans.

Contributor rights are generally useful for people from Support, Success, Sales… who want to follow customer feedback status and contribute to the roadmap in Harvestr.

How does pricing work with editors and contributors?

In Harvestr, you pay per editor. The price per editor varies according to the plan you select. You can also invite unlimited contributors with limited rights for free.

For example: for 2 x 79 = $158 / month (Scale Plan on a monthly subscription), you will get access to all the Scale plan features with 2 editors and unlimited contributors.

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