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Export inbox messages

How to export messages from your feedback inbox (JSON)

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In this article, you will learn how to easily export your message data from your feedback inbox as a JSON file.

Launching a message export

Only Editors can launch a message export.

To launch a message export, go to your inbox and open the 3 dots menu on top of your message list. Clicking Export messages will automatically launch the export, that will be sent to your by email.

When launching an export, only the messages displayed in your current folder and with the active search options will be exported.

Example : if you launch the export while being in the "New" folder without any active search filter, we will simply export all the messages contained in your "New" folder.

Exported message data

Your message data will be exported as a JSON file that contains an exportID and the following attributes for each message:

  • channel: where the message comes from

  • company: name of the company associated with this message

  • discoveries:

    • the list of discoveries (title and id) that have been linked to this message when categorizing feedback

    • if empty: it means that no feedback has been categorized in this message

  • requester: name and email of the person associated with this message (usually a customer)

  • content: html message content

  • created at: message creation date

  • submitter: name and email of the person who sent or created this message (usually you or one of your teammates)

  • title: the title of the message

  • id: the id of the message

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