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Harvestr Chrome Feedback Clipper
Harvestr Chrome Feedback Clipper

Gather feedback from any web page to improve your product

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Our Feedback Clipper for Chrome lets you and your teammates escalate product feedback from any web page to Harvestr, where it can be tracked and prioritized in your product roadmap.

How does the integration work?

  • you can install the Chrome Feedback Clipper from the Chrome Webstore

  • open the plugin from Chrome and escalate feedback to Harvestr

  • in Harvestr, all this valuable feedback will be merged with other sources, categorized, and prioritized to improve your product based on customer needs


To set up the Chrome Feedback Clipper, you need the following:

  • the latest version of the Google Chrome browser

  • a Harvestr account and a personal access token

How to set up the Chrome Feedback Clipper

Install the Chrome Feedback Clipper from the Chrome Webstore.

Go to your personal settings in Harvestr to generate a personal access token.

Copy and paste the token into the Chrome extension.

Sending feedback to Harvestr  

To send feedback from any web page to Harvestr: 

  • select some text content on the page where you are

  • hit the Harvestr button on the top right of your browser

  • add additional text content or images

  • add a feedback requester if any

  • choose exactly the Discovery (or Feature Idea) where you want to save this feedback (optional)

  • press send

If you did not choose any specific Discovery, your feedback would be sent to the Harvestr feedback inbox, where it will be added to a Discovery later.

Feedback templates

To structure the feedback you get from teammates using the Chrome extension, you can define a default feedback template that will be pre-loaded when someone opens the feedback widget in Chrome.

While the Chrome widget is open, you can select the template you want to load with the template dropdown.

Templates can be created and managed from dedicated settings in Harvestr.

The default template for Chrome can be defined in your Chrome extension settings.

Processing feedback in Harvestr

In Harvestr, you will get all this feedback in your feedback inbox, along with all the other tools you have connected to centralize customer feedback.

Then, thanks to our homemade selector, you can capture product insights from all this feedback and link them to the Discoveries you are working on in Harvestr.

Closing the feedback loop with your team

View feedback tab

The Chrome extension has a View feedback tab where your teammates can see all the feedback they send to Harvestr and its status, whether it was sent from the extension or another channel.

They can also see all the feedback from a specific customer.

Email notifications

In Harvestr, you can set up email notifications that will be sent to the teammates who send you feedback with the Chrome extension. To set these notifications, go to the settings of the Chrome extension in Harvestr.

Three types of notifications can be sent:

1) When the feedback sent from the extension is read in Harvestr

2) When the feedback sent from the extension is linked to a Discovery in Harvestr

3) When the linked Discovery is set to specific states

Here is what those notifications look like:

Thanks to Harvestr, you can quickly turn customer feedback into prioritized opportunities while closing the loop with your teammates.

To centralize all your product feedback, you can also look at our Email, Slack, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Zapier integrations. 

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