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Github integration
Github integration

Link Github issues to Harvestr Discoveries and stayed synced with your software team.

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Our Github integration lets you create and link Github issues right from your Harvestr Discoveries. You will then be able to follow the evolution of these issues and their status in Github, without leaving Harvestr. 


In order to use our Github integration, all you need is:

  • a Github account with one of the following permissions: "Admin", "Owner", "Maintainer," or "Member"

  • a Harvestr account

How to integrate Harvestr to your company's Github account

Connecting your Github account to Harvestr is super simple:

  • go to your Harvestr settings -> integrations -> Github

  • click on "Connect to Github"

  • in the OAuth window that pops up, log in to your Github account

  • authorize Harvestr and grant us the rights that are listed

Once this is done, you will be automatically redirected to your Github integration settings in Harvestr and you should now see the option "Remove Github integration".

How to use the Github integration in Harvestr

Now that the integration is set up, you will see a Github section appear in each and every Discovery in Harvestr.

You will now be able to :

  • create and link one or more new Github issues to a Discovery

  • link one or more existing Github issues to a Discovery 

  1. Create and link one or more new Github issues to a Discovery

Once you have decided to launch a Discovery to production, you can create issues in Github that correspond to what needs to be developed.

When you press "Create issue" in a Discovery in Harvestr, it pops up a window where you will be able to enter the attributes of the issue you want to create, namely : its project, its type, its status, one assignee, a summary and a description.

Once the issue is opened, it will be created in Github with the attributes you have entered and with an additional link to the Discovery in Harvestr. This gives your software team access to the valuable content that's in your Discovery, like user feedback for example.

In your Discovery in Harvestr, you will also have the link to the newly created issue and you will be able to keep track of the evolution of its statuts in Github.

2. Link one or more existing Github issues to a Discovery

Sometimes, you will also want to link Github issues that already exist to a Harvestr Discovery.

You can do that by clicking on the "Link issue" button in your Discovery. This will open a search bar where you will be able to search a Github issue by its name or by its key. The search by key only works when you type the exact entire key in the search bar.

Once you have linked the issue to your Discovery, you will also be able to follow the evolution of its status from Harvestr.

Note: you can link as many issues as you like to a Discovery.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

For the Github user who set up the Harvestr integration, you need to set the missing Github organization as public at the user level in Github. The Organization will then appear in the list when linking new or existing Github issues to your Discoveries in Harvestr.

If you have requests or ideas about how we could improve our Github integration to fit your workflow better, shoot us a message!

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