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How to import feedback from Trustpilot
How to import feedback from Trustpilot
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We do not provide a custom Truspilot integration yet, but if you are using Trustpilot to collect customer reviews, you can easily import them in Harvestr. This article gives you two solutions to do that: CSV import and automated forward of reviews by email.

Export Trustpilot reviews as CSV and import them as new feedback in Harvestr

In Truspilot, you can export all reviews from a given date range as a csv file. For more information, have a look here.

Once exported, you can import these reviews as new feedback in your Harvestr account, thanks to our csv importer, that can be found in your Harvestr integrations settings.

Automatically forward Trustpilot reviews to Harvestr by email

If you would like to automatically send Trustpilot reviews to Harvestr, you can configure your Trustpilot notifications accordingly and enter your Harvestr feedback email address as recipient.
For more information about Trustpilot email notifications, have a look here.

If you need help to set up any of these two workflows, let us know.

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