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In Harvestr, tags and filters help you get a clear view of the Discoveries you are working on and they help you identify priorities.

In order to give you a quick access to a specific subset of Discoveries you would like to see, we created Views.

With Views, you can save your most used combinations of filters and visualize the corresponding Discoveries with just 2 clicks. Here is how you can create and display views :

Every new Harvestr account comes with some default views :

  • the "Main view" gives you a quick access to all your active Discoveries (i.e the ones that do not have a "hidden state"), ordered by name

  • the "Top feature requests" view contains discoveries that are tagged as "Feature request" ranked by feedback occurrence

  • the "Backlog" view helps you get an overview of your current backlog with only Discoveries that have "To do", "Doing" states

Views can be used in Components and in the "All discoveries" section alike. They are really a time saver and they will help you prepare product meetings and quickly answer questions like : "What are the most requested features this month?" or "What topics did we get feedback on recently?"

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