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How to centralize all the customer feedback you get by email in Harvestr.

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Email is often the most common way for your users and teammates to send you product feedback. That's why we have created a dedicated feedback email address for your company.

Your Harvestr feedback email

Your feedback email address is in the dedicated integrations section in the upper left corner.

It looks like this: [email protected].

Every email sent or forwarded to this address will arrive directly in your Harvestr Inbox as a new message.

To make things even easier, we recommend creating a "Harvestr" of "Feedback" contact in your favorite email client and adding your Harvestr feedback address. Once you are done, send an email containing product feedback to your newly created contact, and you will see it in your Harvester Inbox.

You can also share this address with your users and teammates if you want them to send you product feedback directly into your Harvestr Inbox.

Closing the feedback loop with your team

In Harvestr, you can set up email notifications that will be sent to the teammates who send you feedback to your feedback email address. To set these notifications, go to the email integration settings in Harvestr.

Three types of notifications can be sent:

1) When feedback sent to your feedback email is read in Harvestr

2) When feedback sent your feedback email is linked to a Discovery in Harvestr

3) When the linked Discovery is set to specific states

Here is what those notifications look like:

Thanks to Harvestr, you can quickly turn customer feedback into prioritized opportunities while closing the loop with your teammates.

To centralize all your product feedback, you can also look at our Intercom, Zendesk, and Zapier integrations.  

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