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Creating and adding users to feedback messages
Creating and adding users to feedback messages
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Feedback is nothing without the person who gave it. Identifying and qualifying this person can help you :

  • segment and prioritize user feedback

  • identify the best contributors and potential beta testers for your brand new features

  • let the whole company know what specific prospects or customers are expecting from your product

  • update contributors once you have launched a feature they have requested

That's why, every message has a user assigned to it. You can chose and edit the user assigned to a message by clicking on its name right below the title of the message.

Automatic user creation

When receiving a new message

We use a person's email as a unique identifier in Harvestr. If you receive a message from a person, whose email is not yet recorded in Harvestr, we will automatically create a new user and affect it to the new message. When possible, we will also get the person's name. 

If you get a new message from a user whose email is already registered in your Harvestr project, we automatically make the link, no matter what communication channel it comes from.

When adding new feedback yourself

When you add feedback yourself in your Inbox or directly in a Discovery, it will automatically be attributed to you.

Manually create and edit users

Click on a user's name below the title of a message to open the full list of users and select the one you want to affect to a given message.

To create a new user, click on the dedicated button at the bottom left corner of the drop-down list. 

To edit a user's information, click on the pen icon right next to a user's name and an edition popup will appear.

In Harvestr, a user has :

  • a name

  • an email address

  • a user group it belongs to (for segmentation)

  • a company it belongs to

  • a description

Users are automatically linked to Discoveries through their feedback

When you link feedback to a Discovery, the user who gave you this feedback is also automatically assigned to this Discovery. 

This allows you to quickly see who is concerned by a product improvement opportunity you are working on and makes it easier for you to contact them when needed, during a procut release for example.

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