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Add new feedback yourself directly in Harvestr
Add new feedback yourself directly in Harvestr
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A teammate just came to your desk and gave you this brilliant product feedback ?
You have been chatting with a customer on the phone about the last feature you released ?

Do not wait until you forget about it and add it directly to your product knowledge base.

In Harvestr, there are two ways to add new feedback yourself.

Add new feedback in your Inbox

You can create and store some new product feedback in your Inbox before deciding how you want to categorize it. To do this, go to Inbox, Archived or Bin and click on the "Add Feedback" button.

This will pop up the feedback editor where you will be able to add:

  • a title 

  • a user, obviously the one who gave you the related feedback

  • the feedback content

You can also link this feedback to a new or an existing Discovery. When you click on the "Save" button, the feedback will then be linked to the Discovery and will also be automatically archived. 

If you do not wish to link your new feedback to a Discovery, you can save it directly and it will stay in your Inbox to be categorized.

Writing feedback yourself can be tedious tough. That's why we have also built some integrations with the apps you already use to help you automate the process of gathering user feedback.

Have a look at our Email, Intercom, Zendesk and Zapier integrations .  

With Harvestr, you will never lose any valuable product feedback again!

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