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Extract and categorize product feedback from incoming messages
Extract and categorize product feedback from incoming messages
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Messages you receive in your Harvestr Inbox should contain valuable product feedback. Some of them, like user tests reports for example, will even contain a high amount of information related to different features and improvement opportunities you are working on. Some other messages will also contain information you do not need as a product person.

Harvestr was designed to help you manage all these use cases to extract the information you need and organize it in an appropriate way.

Categorize a full message

If you want to keep a whole message for further product research, you can categorize it by clicking directly on the "Link to" button on the top of the message. 

A pop up will appear with all the Components and Discoveries you created and you will be able to link this message to one of these items by clicking on it.

If you want to link the message to a new Discovery, you can create it straight from the pop up that just appeared by clicking on the "+" button next to the Component where you want the Discovery to be.

Categorize part of a message

Usually, not everything is relevant in a message you receive. Or it might be that the message contains feedback related to different parts of your product.

When this happens, use you mouse to select the part of the message that you want to extract from the rest and the same pop up as before will appear for you to categorize the feedback you have just selected.

Once you are done, you can start over and extract other valuable pieces from the same message and archive it when you are done.

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